In this application we offer you a selection of information sheets and testimonies to illustrate, for educational purposes, the various components of the Industry of the Future baseline developed by the Industry of the Future Alliance.
All the  testimonies, examples and data sheets are accessible on the AIF site.

Strategic zoom on Alliances
Practical data sheet: Energy efficiency and industrial processes
Practical data sheet: Environmental quality of the building
Testimony: customers and suppliers are stronger together
Testimony: co-contracting to boost the engine of growth
Testimony: a company plan shared by all
Testimony: recover your standing by creating a partnership with you competitor
Practical data sheet: Eco-design
Testimony: eco-design strategy
Testimony: eco-design strategy
Practical data sheet: Economics of functionality
Practical data sheet: Human resources and skill management
Testimony: Pooling knowledge and expertise
Testimony: shared time machining platforms
Testimony: a new brand and an e-commerce website
Practical data sheet: Manufacturing as a Service
Practical data sheet: Digital technologies at the service of quality
Testimony: a network for innovating through design
Testimony: the foreign site develops the French factory
Testimony: Developing the export culture inside the company
Testimony: Alliances with complementary companies
Testimony: revisiting your marketing approach
Testimony: Building partnership with ordering customers
Practical data sheet: Customer marketing