In this application we offer you a selection of information sheets and testimonies to illustrate, for educational purposes, the various components of the Industry of the Future baseline developed by the Industry of the Future Alliance.
All the  testimonies, examples and data sheets are accessible on the AIF site.

Educational video: Advanced machining
Educational video: advanced robotics proposed by Cetim
JPB système’s factory of the future (English)
Practical data sheet: Additive Manufacturing
Testimony: creating an Additive Manufacturing community within an industrial group
Testimony: intelligent and adaptive processes
Testimony: new trade specialisations invented around additive manufacturing
Testimony: off-line robotics and programming
Testimony: robotisation of loading unloading of a folding machine
Testimony: robotised water jet cutting
Testimony: the creation of an addition manufacturing sector
Educational video: 3D printing proposed by the “bus des technologies”
Testimony: process robotisation
Testimony: process robotisation
Testimony: a solid investment!
Practical data sheet: Monitoring - Surveillance
Technological solutions: the high speed line QSP (Quilted Stratum Process)
Practical data sheet: High-volume composites
Technological solutions: demonstration of QSP
Educational video: mechatronics proposed by Artema
Practical data sheet: Surface functionalisation
Testimony: optimisation of cutting conditions
Testimony: robotised machining open the door to Asia
Practical data sheet: Intelligent machines
Practical data sheet: Clean and sober technologies
Testimony: integrating new standard requirements into your cleaning process
Testimony: part cleanliness management
Testimony: a world first against pollution
Technological solutions - Controlling energy - Proposed by Siemens
Technological solutions: Castus energy efficiency - Proposed by Ai France
Practical data sheet: Innovative welding procedures