In this application we offer you a selection of information sheets and testimonies to illustrate, for educational purposes, the various components of the Industry of the Future baseline developed by the Industry of the Future Alliance.
All the  testimonies, examples and data sheets are accessible on the AIF site.

Digital model
Educational video: the innovative CNDs proposed by Cetim
Practical data sheet: Non Destructive Testing
Practical data sheet: Operational intelligence
Practical guide to the Factory of the Future data sheet
Educational video: digital tools at the service of design proposed by Cetim
Testimony: modelling from the concept tot he structure
Testimony: MG-Tech (complete design of a new packaging line) - Proposed by Visiativ
Testimony: Baylo (design of autonomous trucks) - Proposed by Visiativ
Testimony: Sewosy (design and eco-design of products) - Proposed by Visiativ
Testimony: Maserati digitisation, design and manufacture of a vehicle - Proposed by Siemens
Testimony: a new offer of services based the simulation and optimisation of production means
Testimony: making Internet the main sales channel
Practical data sheet: Logistics of the future
Testimony: G Chambert (dematerialisation of the quality system) - Proposed by Visiativ
Testimony: MES for monitoring production at Michel Cartier - Proposed by Astrée
Testimony: controlled information flows for guaranteed competitiveness
Practical data sheet: Logistics of the future
Testimony: PLM at Zeod Race Car - Proposed by Siemens (English)
Educational video: virtual reality proposed by the “bus des technologies”
Testimony: Producing more and better within the same walls by downsizing stocks
Testimony: an optimised supply chain with a zero fault target